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2007 Shoemaker Grant Recipient

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Brian D. Warner 
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Astronomy Background

Director, Palmer Divide Observatory, Colorado Springs, CO
Owner/Director of the privately funded observatory established in 1999.

Assistant Editor / Contributing Author, Minor Planet Bulletin
Assistant to editor, Richard Binzel. Responsible for reviewing and editing proposed articles for style, accuracy, and formatting so that paper meets MPB guidelines.

Lead author of the regular "Lightcurve Opportunities" article. This is a list of targets of interest for lightcurve work for the purpose of period/amplitude determinations or spin axis/shape modeling.

Author, A Practical Guide to Lightcurve Photometry and Analysis
The book covered the basics of photometry and reductions as well as lightcurve period analysis. Favorable reviews appeared in Sky and Telescope, Astronomy, the Journal of the British Astronomical Association, and the Minor Planet Bulletin.

Published by Springer, February 2006.

Software Development
Writer of MPO Canopus, an astrometry and photometry program widely used by asteroid and variable star observers for lightcurve measurement and period analysis, and MPO Connections, a camera/telescope control program that allows automated imaging.


University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Completed approximately two years towards B.S. in Physics, including core requirements, Physics, Chemistry, and Math.

James Cook University, Townsville, Queensland, Australia
Master of Astronomy degree. B.S. requirement waived based on published research.

Graduated 2005 June with High Distinction.

Memberships / Organizations

American Astronomical Society - Division for Planetary Sciences
Full Member

Society for Astronomical Science
Member of the Board of Trustees and Program Committee. SAS promotes professional-amateur collaborations and the development of amateur research at professional levels.

Honors and Awards

Chambliss Award for Amateur Achievement (First Recipient)
American Astronomical Society - 2006

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Gene Shoemaker NEO Grant
The Planetary Society - 2007

Clyde Tombaugh Award (Creative Innovation in Astronomy)
Riverside Telescope Makers Conference (RTMC) - 2007


Contact Information

Brian D. Warner
Palmer Divide Observatory
17995 Bakers Farm Rd.
Colorado Springs, CO  80908
Ph: 719 481-0557
Email: brian@MinorPlanetObserver.com


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