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PDO – Pretty Pictures

I don't take a lot of "pretty pictures", simply because telescope time is precious and there are so many asteroids. However, from time-to-time, I take time to get some simple images. After seeing the results of even humble efforts, I'm often inclined to dedicate at least one night to getting some images of the wonders of the Universe - just so I can remember that astronomy should not be all work and no play.

Image Details

  1. Unless noted otherwise, these pictures were taken at the PDO using the 0.5m telescope and FLI IMG-1001E.
  2. The color image exposures in each filter were 30-60s. Johnson-Cousins RVB filters were used in lieu of the usual RGB. No luminance image was taken.
  3. The images were combined in CCDSoft from Software Bisque.
  4. Conversion to GIF caused some loss of quality.
m8.gif (36805 bytes)

Messier 8


m16.gif (53410 bytes)

Messier 16


m17.gif (54548 bytes)

Messier 17


m27.gif (44923 bytes)

Messier 27


m31.gif (69582 bytes)

Center of M31
14" LX-200, FLI-1001E, 150s unguided

m51.gif (66241 bytes)

20" R-C, 2x120s, Richardson-Lucy Sharpen



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