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The Minor Planet Observer
Palmer Divide Observatory

699 Hela (1999)

MPC Designation: 1910 KD
Lightcurves Period (h): 3.399 0.002
Amplitude (mag): 0.20 0.02


Filter: C
MagBand: R
Telescope: SCT 25cm f/6.5
Camera: ST-8
Exposure: 120


Obs. Details

Date              E Mag   Phase  PABL   PABB
1999-09-14 04:00  12.84   23.0  352.1   26.0
1999-09-17 04:00  12.85   22.6  352.9   25.7

Data Points: 86
Discovered: 1910-06-05  Heidelberg  J. Helffrich
Family/Group: Mars-crosser
Taxonomic Class: Sq
Published: MPB 27, 56-57
NOTES: Unless otherwise stated, the "Reduced Magnitudes" in the plots are Cousins R, based on 2MASS to BVRI conversions (Warner, MPB 34, 113-119)

The data from Sep 14 cover more than a cycle. However, the 3-day gap between sessions allows for rotational aliases. The period is in good agreement with Harris (1999) and Pilcher (2000).

Collaboration with F. Pilcher and V. Goretti. Only PDO data are shown.


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