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The Minor Planet Observer
Palmer Divide Observatory

331 Etheridgea (1999)

MPC Designation:
Lightcurves Period (h): Long?
Amplitude (mag):


Filter: C
MagBand: R
Telescope: SCT 25cm f/6.5
Camera: ST-7
Exposure: 90


Obs. Details

Date              E Mag   Phase  PABL   PABB
1999-10-15 07:00  13.27    2.5   16.0   -0.7
1999-10-28 07:00  13.62    7.9   16.3   -0.3

Data Points: 152
Discovered: 1892-04-01  Nice  A. Charlois
Family/Group: MB-Outer
Taxonomic Class: C
Published: MPB 37, 127-130
NOTES: Unless otherwise stated, the "Reduced Magnitudes" in the plots are Cousins R, based on 2MASS to BVRI conversions (Warner, MPB 34, 113-119)

Presuming the nightly calibrations were correct, the data provide any number of solutions. If the two sessions are forced to overlay, a number of solutions, less than 24 h, are still possible.

Originally in MPB 30, 61-64 with P = 6.82, A = 0.05, U = 2. Behrend reports P - 13.54 but with U = 1.


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