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The Minor Planet Observer
Palmer Divide Observatory

1680 Per Brahe (2012)

MPC Designation: 1942 CH
Lightcurves Period (h): 3.426 0.002
Amplitude (mag): 0.17 0.02


Filter: C
MagBand: V
Telescope: 0.30m f/6.25 SC
Camera: ST-9XE
Exposure: 180


Obs. Details

Date              E Mag   Phase  PABL   PABB
2012-12-29 07:00  15.88    8.1   74.7   -0.4
2013-01-01 07:00  15.94    9.1   74.7   -0.4

Data Points: 132
Discovered: 1942-02-12  Turku  L. Oterma
Family/Group: MB-Outer
Taxonomic Class: S
NOTES: Unless otherwise stated, the "Reduced Magnitudes" in the plots are Cousins R, based on 2MASS to BVRI conversions (Warner, MPB 34, 113-119)

Unitended collaboration with Robert D. Stephens (Center for Solar System Studies), who worked the asteroid three weeks earlier. He found the same period but an amplitude of 0.13 mag. This is not unexpected since his observations were at ~1 phase angle. Amplitude increases with increasing phase angle.


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