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Reduction Routines


PhotoRed (Photometric Reductions)

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AAVSO Batch Processing Compatible with revised AAVSO CCD Reporting Format

Measuring images in PhotoRed is very similar to the process in Canopus. The main difference is that you’re not doing astrometry and the Magnitude/Intensity Relationship is not computed or used. What is similar is that you are telling PhotoRed which star on an image matches one in a catalog (that was plotted on the chart) and PhotoRed then stores information about that star. The data includes the air mass, instrumental magnitude, catalog magnitudes, and filter. The various routines of PhotoRed use the data to compute extinction and transform values and to convert instrumental magnitudes to standard magnitudes.

The observations data list, on the Reductions Page (shown above), displays all the data that can be used in the various reduction routines. You can group observations in several ways and sort the data within the groupings by the entries in several columns. You can also change the USE status flag for one or more observations at a time, as well as the group number and filter, and delete one or more observations from the list entirely.


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