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MPO Canopus - Data Exchange

Canopus supports the new ALCDEF standard for lightcurve data.

One of the great benefits of Canopus is its ability to import and export data so that data from several observers can be easily combined into a single data set for period analysis. For those using Canopus exclusively, the process is extremely easy since it involves the exchange of two files that contain all the session information and data and can brought into a master data set with no conversion or external manipulation. For those using spread sheets or other programs, Canopus can import/export data to and from simple text files.

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The Observations Import Form allows considerable flexibility in handling data from other programs. The import file must be a text file but, as seen above, can be formatted a variety of ways. In the file, one line represents an observation with the data fields separated by a comma, space, tab, semicolon, or in fixed-width columns. Many programs, including spreadsheets, allow exporting the data to either comma or tab-delimited files, making them perfect for importing into Canopus. The form also allows you to specify which data fields are in each observation and the order in which they appear.

For those using Canopus, the data exchange is even simpler. You select which sessions you want to send to another Canopus user, export them to a pair of data files, and send those files to the other user. He then uses the direct import facility to bring that data into his files to create a merged data set for period analysis.

Many successful collaborations have been carried out using MPO Canopus using the import/export features, making them one of the more important included in MPO Canopus.


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